Revisions x4!

I have been learning the hard way about one central part of academic life: after papers are rejected, you shouldn’t give up on them! I submitted 4 papers at the beginning of 2018, and 3 of them were resubmissions after prior rejection in 2017, either ‘desk rejection’ from leading journals, or rejection following review. Now all 4 are in the ‘revise and resubmit’ stage and I am very happy that their final publication is in sight! In the case of papers that did receive peer review, I have done my best to revise my manuscripts on the basis of the comments, which has indeed improved their quality even though they were unsuccessful at that journal. I think the moral of the story is, don’t take rejection personally, it’s the bread and butter of the scientific process, where your ideas are tested by fire, and hopefully something more refined comes through in the end. Now, I just have to get on with those revisions…

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