Nesta’s ‘Tipping Point Prize’

I’m delighted to say that I’ve won first place in Nesta’s ‘Tipping Point Prize’! This was an essay competition, where entrants had to make a case for why a certain technology will ‘come of age’ (pass a tipping point) in the next ten years and have a significant impact on society. I wrote about swarm robotics, my own area of research, and why its time has come.

I’m very happy (and a little surprised!) to have come first place, but I do believe that swarm robotics is both a fascinating area of research and also a technology that has the potential to make a big improvement to human living standards. I’m indebted to the editor of the series, Sumit Paul-Choudhury, who did a brilliant job of taking my draft(s) and greatly enhancing their clarity and style.

The announcement can be read here. 

My winning essay can be read here.

Nesta also produced this illustration, which sums up the ideas of bio-inspiration and self-organisation beautifully:

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I’ve found this prize to be a great encouragement to my writing, so watch this space!

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